Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a quick, non-invasive way to brighten the smile. It can correct many tooth discolorations, from brown and orange tones to yellowed teeth. Whitening can also make teeth look younger by minimizing or eliminating spots and stains.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

1. Removes Stains

Food and coffee stains are the most common stains on teeth. However, smoking and chewing tobacco can also cause stains. These stains can be difficult to remove, and in some cases, teeth whitening products may be necessary.

2. Improves Your Appearance

Stained or discolored teeth can negatively affect your appearance. A smile with white, bright teeth is more visually appealing and can help you look more vibrant.

3. Boosts Self-Confidence

Teeth whitening can also boost your self-confidence. Many patients report feeling more satisfied with their appearance after teeth whitening procedures.

Different Teeth Whitening Methods

Teeth whitening can be done at home or the dentist’s office. Results vary depending on the method chosen and the condition of the teeth.

In-Office Whitening

There are two main parts to a professional teeth whitening procedure. First, our dentist will place a rubber shield or a gel on your gums to protect them from the whitening solution. Then, we will apply the whitening solution to the teeth.

Professional whitening systems are more concentrated than at-home whitening options. With professional teeth whitening, we can control how white your teeth become, as well as the length of time we need to apply the whitening solution.

At-Home Whitening

At-home whitening involves using a whitening kit consisting of custom-molded mouth trays, whitening gel, and sometimes light. The gel is placed inside the trays and worn for a specified time each day.

If you’ve recently had your teeth whitened, you will want to make sure you are taking care of your pearly whites so that they don’t become discolored. At-home teeth whitening may be a simple whitening treatment for you, but it’s important to remember that teeth whitening is not permanent.


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