Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges

A dental crown is a restoration that is designed to cover a tooth that is broken or weakened. The crown fits over the entire visible portion of the tooth and is cemented in place.

Dental crowns are lasting restorations, but they must be cared for properly to last for a long time.

They are used in restorative and cosmetic dentistry and can be made from various materials, including but not limited to porcelain, zirconia, and composite resin.

On the other hand, a dental bridge is a restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth. A bridge consists of two dental crowns, which act as anchors, and a false tooth (pontic), which is fused to the two crowns on either side.

What Benefits Do Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges Bring?

If you need to replace missing teeth, you have several options. The most popular are dental implants, which offer a permanent solution to the patient. However, not everyone can have dental implants. If cost is a concern, then dental bridges, which are more affordable, can be a good option.

Dental bridges are fixed dental prostheses that replace a missing tooth. A bridge is a non-surgical restoration, requiring only that two healthy teeth be prepared for the two anchoring crowns to be attached to. 

How Are Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges Placed?

Dental crowns are fabricated in a dental lab from impressions of the teeth. Before the impressions are taken, the teeth are prepared by buffing, shaping, and covering them with a dental compound. Once the crowns are fabricated, the dentist will cement them to their corresponding teeth.

Dental bridges are placed the same way as dental crowns, having dental crowns as its main support. The crowns made are cemented onto healthy teeth to support the false tooth in the middle.


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