Kid Friendly Dentist

A “kid-friendly” dentist caters to the unique needs of children. At Peoria Family Dentistry, our dentist has experience working with children, and our office has amenities suitable for children as well.

Some general amenities our family dentist provides include:

  • Games and toys in the waiting room
  • TVs and movies in the rooms
  • A comfortable experience

Benefits of Having a Kid-Friendly Dentist

Child-Friendly Environment

Children can relax in a child-friendly waiting room. They can watch TV or enjoy books, music, toys, and video games. They can even have refreshments. This helps the child feel right at home at the dental practice.

Office Space Designed for Children and Families

The waiting room and the treatment room should be kid-friendly. The colorful, playful decorations create a welcoming and fun atmosphere for children and their parents.

A Positive View of Dental Visits

Our kid-friendly dentist ensures every dental visit is a positive experience for pediatric patients. Kids have very different dental needs than adults do. Our kid-friendly dentist is experienced in addressing those needs and is careful to make sure kids are always comfortable.

Comfort Options

Many children are afraid of going to the dentist. To address this, our kid-friendly dentist will let your child know that they’ll have options for being comfortable. A dentist trained to work with kids will have plenty of ways to make your child comfortable.

Some dentists offer children’s movies or music to watch or listen to. This can provide a distraction and make the time pass more quickly. You might also be allowed to choose an essential oil or scented lotion for your child. Some dental offices allow parents to give their children a comfort item from home. This could be a favorite stuffed animal or blanket, for example.

If your child is terrified of the dentist, they might need a sedative to relax them during the procedure. In this case, it’s a good idea to let the office know ahead of time to make the proper arrangements.

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