Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Veneers?

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are becoming an increasingly more popular way to improve smiles. Of course, it is not the only method that dentists can choose to help patients with cosmetic concerns. Crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, and bonding material may also work well for some conditions. If you are unsure whether a veneer makes sense for you, talk to your dentist. You can learn the process and benefits of this treatment.

An overview of how dental veneers work

A veneer is a thin shell that bonds to the front surface of a tooth. The dentist will either use porcelain or composite resin to fabricate the shell. It can cover blemishes and aesthetic concerns, such as chips, cracks, and fractures. A veneer can be the size and shape a patient needs to change the appearance of a natural tooth. This makes it possible as it is an effective choice for people who have misshapen teeth or abnormally large or small teeth. Veneers can also be a good alternative to teeth whitening, as the shell can be any desired color shade.

People who want a minimally invasive option

A nice thing about dental veneers is that they do not require major changes to the natural tooth. The dentist might have to reshape the tooth slightly so that the veneer fits properly. The dentist will also remove a small amount of enamel and etch the tooth. This helps with the bonding process. However, the dentist will not likely have to shave as much of the tooth as with a crown.

People who have a damaged front tooth

It can be challenging enough to have a broken or chipped back tooth, but front teeth can be even more concerning. A damaged tooth in the front is readily noticeable to other people. This can make the individual feel self-conscious and may even cause the person to avoid social settings. A veneer is a natural-looking option to cover these flaws. The veneer will blend in nicely with other teeth, as it will be the same size, shape, and color.

People who want a long-term solution

Often, a patient will choose to let the dentist use dental cement to build up a damaged area of a tooth. Similar to repairing a filling, the dentist can use the bonding to touch up chips and small fractures. However, this approach is not as durable as dental veneers. A veneer can last up to 10 years or longer. Patients who are diligent about maintaining good oral hygiene and who limit the amount of hard foods they eat can enjoy veneers for much longer than a decade.

Show off your new smile for years to come

If you have cosmetic damage to your tooth or other aesthetic concerns, talk to your dentist about getting dental veneers. A cosmetic dentistry office near you can help restore your smile in a way you can feel good about. There are other options for whitening teeth, repairing damage, or improving the appearance of teeth. But it is clear to see why a veneer could make the most sense.

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