When to See Your Dentist for Denture Repair

When to See Your Dentist for Denture Repair

Patients with a damaged denture need to visit the dentist promptly for denture repair. Dentures damages can cause pain and interruption in everyday living. Denture damage can happen quickly or build gradually over time. To assist decrease pain and the chance of developing additional oral health concerns, know when to seek denture repair.

The need for denture repair

Dentures are an excellent option for restoring the upper, lower, or both arches of the teeth. They are the ideal option for individuals who have lost most of their teeth due to aging, gum disease, or severe oral trauma.

Dentures, however, do not last indefinitely. Even the most durable and high-quality dentures will need to be changed after 7-10 years. It all eventually comes down to knowing when to get a new denture set or repair the old ones. The following are signs that patients need to visit the dentist for denture repair or replacement:

Loose dentures that tend to fall out easily

Friction alone is enough to keep a good set of dentures in place when chewing and talking. During most daily activities, the tight fit between the denture and gum is usually adequate to hold the prosthetic in place. However, if the dentures are getting loose or slipping out of your mouth, they should be adjusted, and they may need to be replaced entirely. Before the repair process is complete, patients can apply denture adhesive, although this is only a temporary solution.

Speaking clearly has become difficult

Loose-fitting dentures generally cause this situation. Patients may notice their speech sounds less clear and more slurred if the dentures are loose. They may find it hard to articulate certain words or even speak confidently in public. Denture repair or replacement is required to improve speech.

Pain and damage to gum tissue

The dentures will hardly cause any pain or discomfort if they are in good condition and fit properly. They may need to be changed if patients experience pain when chewing or biting. Furthermore, if any sores, lesions, or other abnormalities in the health of the gums become apparent, patients should contact a dentist as soon as possible to have the dentures repaired or replaced.

Broken or stained dentures

If a partial denture breaks or cracks or one of the prosthetic teeth come loose, the dentist will suggest repairing or replacing the dentures. Teeth discoloration is another reason to change dentures. Even if patients take appropriate care of their dentures, they may get yellowed or discolored over time, especially if they consume a lot of coffee, wine, or tea while wearing them.

Final note

Are you unsure whether your dentures can be fixed or whether you will need to get a new set? It would be best if you booked an appointment with the dentist. Denture repair, including relining, restoration, and replacement, can be completed in the dental office. The dentist will evaluate the partial denture during the appointment before explaining what goes into the repair and replacement process.

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