When a Denture Reline Is Recommended

When a Denture Reline Is Recommended

You may need a denture reline already. Dentures are removable prostheses. It cannot adapt to the changes in your mouth on its own. If you want to know when you should have a denture reline, here are the details.

Why a denture reline must happen

Tooth loss results in the removal of tooth roots. These roots are important in keeping the jawbone strong and healthy. The body will keep on sending nutrients to the jawbone for cell repair and growth. Once the tooth roots disappear, the body stops sending nutrients to the jawbone. This results in jawbone loss. Gum recession happens because the bone shrinks.

Receding gums cause dentures to loosen and then fall out. This is why denture reline is important. It reshapes the underside of the denture. This brings more comfort and security as the patient wears it.

When the patient needs it

Wearing dentures may seem comfortable at first. Over time, the patient’s mouth changes. This is when the patient will feel some discomfort. Sores and infections will rise because of the ill-fitting dentures.

The patient will often feel discomfort while chewing. There is a need for a denture reline because it has been years since the patient had one. Loose dentures cause them to fall out while the patient is speaking, laughing, or eating. The mentioned signs indicate the need for a reline.

When a dentist may recommend a specific type of reline

A dentist may suggest a hard reline. Regular relining of dentures must happen often to make dentures fit well. The mouth’s soft tissues change all the time. This means constant relining of dentures.

A hard denture reline involves scraping off a part of the denture’s hard acrylic. The dentist will then replace it with putty. This will help reform the base of the denture. Full dentures must have this type of denture reline every two years.

Soft reline is for patients who experience pain and discomfort from wearing their current denture. These patients often develop sore spots. The dentist will scrape off the denture’s acrylic base. Then, the dentist will replace it with a softer material. Soft reline is more comfortable for many patients. But, it needs more frequent relining of every one or two years.

A temporary reline is a procedure involving the placement of a much softer material. This material is even softer than the one for soft reline. The dentist will recommend this procedure for patients with severe gum irritation and swelling. The aim of this procedure is to maintain the use of the current denture by making it more comfortable for the patient.

This should happen while the patient’s gums heal. Once the mouth heals, the dentist will take new impressions of the patient’s mouth. This is for the fabrication of new dentures for the patient. Temporary reline lasts for about three months.

Denture reline can make your denture wearing experience more comfortable

Your denture may become uncomfortable to wear over time. Ill-fitting dentures tend to cause sores and infection. That is why your dentist will recommend denture reline. This procedure will help your gums heal and even keep your dentures in place. An appointment with your dentist will determine what type of relining you need

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