What Type Of Dentist Can Perform A Full Mouth Reconstruction With Implants?

What Type Of Dentist Can Perform A Full Mouth Reconstruction With Implants?

A full mouth reconstruction is an individualized treatment plan that incorporates several dental procedures. The goal of a full mouth reconstruction is to restore the health, function and look of a patient’s smile. In this article, the term ‘smile’ covers the patient’s teeth, gums and jaws. One of the most popular full mouth reconstruction procedures is dental implant placement, which requires multiple dental professionals. Ready to learn more?

Full mouth reconstructions

A full mouth restoration varies, depending on the oral health needs of an individual. That said, most patients that need full mouth rehabilitation have one or more of the following issues:

Tooth decay

Loose or missing fillings

Missing teeth

Chipped, fractured or broken teeth

A bad bite that manifests as crowding, gapped teeth or a painful jaw

The list of oral health issues gives an idea of the kinds of dental specialists needed to implement and complete full mouth rehabilitation.

General dentists

A patient starts the process of full mouth reconstruction with a visit to a general dentist. The general dentist will perform a full evaluation of the patient’s mouth to determine the next steps, as well as who else may be necessary to help with treatment. The patient exam includes the following:

Listening to the patient’s wishes and expectations

A visual exam, accompanied with photos

Going through the patient’s dental records

Medical imaging like x-rays and CT scans

The information that the dentist gathers helps them to craft a treatment plan that addresses all of the patient’s oral health issues. The general dentist will treat urgent problems like tooth decay, injured teeth and worn dental restorations. However, in the event of more serious problems, the help of other dental professionals may be required. 

When dental implants are chosen to replace missing teeth, a general dentist will likely refer the patient to a periodontist and oral surgeon to complete the entire full mouth reconstruction process. 

1. Periodontist

Ensuring healthy gums is high up on the list of any full mouth reconstruction treatment plan. Gum health is typically monitored by a periodontist, who specializes in the soft tissues of the mouth. 

In the case of dental implant placement, the periodontist will ensure that the patient has pristine gums. Dental implants cannot be placed if there is any gum disease present. If gum disease is present, an extensive treatment plan will be a necessary part of the full mouth reconstruction.

2. An oral surgeon

Oral surgeons are often better when it comes to placing dental implants because the procedure does require minor surgery. They have the experience to place dental implants near the sinuses, nerves and other sensitive structures of the upper and lower jaw, without damaging these areas. Additionally, oral surgeons perform numerous bone graft procedures that help ensure healthy and strong bone to support dental implants. 

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