What to Know About Adult Orthodontic Treatment

What to Know About Adult Orthodontic Treatment

An adult orthodontic treatment is available for those who want to have straighter teeth as mature adults. It is never too late to give your teeth the alignment attention they need. After all, a straight smile is a healthy smile. If you want to know more about an adult orthodontic treatment, here are the details.

Reasons for aligning adult teeth

Braces are no longer exclusive to children and teens. Adults can now choose to have aligned teeth. One of the strong reasons adults have for aligning teeth is to have a better bite. Straight teeth result in a healthier mouth. The person’s teeth complement each other during biting, chewing, and speaking. Getting an adult orthodontic treatment will prevent gum disease, dental wear, chipping, tooth decay, and jaw issues.

Aesthetics is another compelling reason for getting a dental alignment treatment in adults. A crowded mouth is a mouth with excess teeth trying to occupy space. This often makes it difficult for adults to close their mouth. Oftentimes, the lips cannot cover the teeth. This exposes the teeth and gums to more bacteria.

An adult orthodontic treatment will need dental extraction first in patients with crowded teeth. The dentist will check the patient’s teeth to determine which teeth need extracting. After healing, the patient will come back for dental impressions. This will give the dentist a map of the patient’s teeth. It will show which teeth need pulling to correct their positions.

Most adults have an adult orthodontic treatment to have straight teeth. The aesthetic value of the adult’s mouth will improve. This treatment will also result in a healthier mouth. Straight teeth are easier to clean. This results in the more efficient removal of plaque and food particles. It also elevates the adult’s self-image.

Types of adult orthodontic treatments

The dentist can explain the various orthodontic treatment options available for adults. Most adults prefer a system that fits their lifestyle most. This often means choosing a concealed teeth alignment system. More difficult cases may need traditional braces.

A popular choice is the removable clear aligner. The dentist will first create a custom-fit set of trays. These aligners are almost invisible. The patient will need to wear each for two weeks, at least 20-23 hours a day. This system needs discipline and dedication. The patient will need to wear a new set of aligner trays after two weeks.

Traditional metal braces can also have a clear or ceramic option. The brackets will attach to the outer surfaces of the teeth. The dentist will choose tooth-colored wires and ortho bands to make the system look like it is part of the patient’s teeth. A dentist will recommend this adult orthodontic treatment for those with severe alignment problems but do not want to wear metal brackets.

Adults can also choose lingual braces. The dentist will attach the brackets behind the patient’s teeth. This is a discreet teeth alignment system. Other people will not notice them at all.

Adult orthodontic treatments can give adults a brighter, straighter smile

It is always good to pay attention to dental health. There are still many options for dental alignment even as adults. Your dentist can offer you the right adult orthodontic treatment to match your preference and lifestyle. A dental appointment with your dentist can determine which alignment system can improve your dental health the most.

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