What to Expect After Your Implant Supported Dentures Procedure

What to Expect After Your Implant Supported Dentures Procedure

If you are thinking about getting implant supported dentures, you can enjoy a brand-new smile. This procedure replaces missing teeth, filling in those embarrassing gaps that you have been hiding. The process is not a fast one, and there are some other challenges that come with it. The more you understand about these dentures and what happens afterward can help prepare you. You can also feel more comfortable making the choice to get them.

What implant supported dentures are and what they do

This teeth-replacement treatment combines traditional dentures with dental implants. Many patients see this as a middle-of-the-road choice. Instead of using an adhesive to rest the appliance on the gums, these dentures snap into secure dental implants. The dentist places the titanium implants into the jaw. Smaller abutments attach to the implants, and the dentures sit on top of the abutments. These dentures not only improve the persons’ appearance but also restore the full function of the mouth.

Some soreness and discomfort

People who get implant supported dentures should know that there will be a recovery period after the treatment ends. There could be some moderate pain in the jaw where the implants set and in the gums where the dentist made incisions. To cope with these feelings, the dentist can prescribe medication to the patient. The individual can also find some relief by applying an ice pack to the affected area.

Time to get used to the dentures

Even if the person does not feel a lot of pain, it will take some time to grow accustomed to the implant supported dentures. It could take a few weeks before the patient stops continually noticing the presence of the implants and the dentures. Little by little, however, the person wearing the appliance should get used to it. At this time, there should not be any more discomfort.

Improved diet

A lack of teeth (or no teeth at all) can make it difficult, if not impossible, to eat certain foods. Having implant supported dentures changes this significantly. The artificial teeth are strong enough to withstand most foods, including hard, chewy, and sticky items. The implants provide a good base for the dentures. People with these dentures can eat nutrient-rich foods such as meat, bread, fruits, and vegetables.

A continual need to keep up on oral hygiene

Just because an individual gets implant supported dentures does not mean they should avoid getting dental practices. Brushing and flossing any remaining natural teeth is essential. Also, the patient should brush the dentures at least twice a day with a soft-bristled brush. Rinsing the appliance after meals and soaking it in a solution at night will keep it clean. This will help it to last longer.

Enjoy the benefits for the long term

There are some difficult aspects of getting implant supported dentures. Still, the advantages should outweigh these concerns. You can enjoy a beautiful smile and the ability to chew more effectively. If you want to learn more about what to expect from your treatment, talk to your dentist today. You can visit a cosmetic dentistry office near you and get started on the process of having an appearance you can feel good about.

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