What to Do With a Loose Dental Filling

What to Do With a Loose Dental Filling

A loose dental filling can be easily repaired or replaced by the dentist through a non-invasive treatment process. While it can feel strange to experience a loose dental filling, it is not typically a serious oral health concern. However, there are certain things that you can do to ensure that it does not cause excess discomfort or lead to more serious oral health complications. 

How to properly deal with a loose dental filling

If a dental filling becomes loose, then you can handle the situation by calling the dentist, keeping the mouth clean, and avoiding irritating the affected area. There are also ways to manage the discomfort, such as with a gentle cold compress and pain relief medication.

Call the dentist as soon as possible

The first step when a dental filling becomes loose should always be to call the dentist. They can help the patient decide if immediate treatment is necessary to repair or replace the loose dental filling. This may depend on the level of pain that the patient is in and the location of the tooth. If an immediate visit is not necessary, then the dentist can offer advice on how to care for the loose dental filling until the patient’s dental visit. 

Keep the filling (or crown) clean

It is important to keep the dental filling clean. The dentist may recommend ways to prevent the filling from falling out and provide care instructions to follow if the filling does come out. For a dental crown that falls out, the patient should preserve the crown and take it with them to the dentist; they may be able to reposition the crown and avoid the need for a crown replacement. 

Use saltwater to keep the mouth clean

A saltwater rinse can help keep the mouth disinfected and prevent an accumulation of bacteria that could cause an oral infection. Using a saltwater rinse several times each day until the dental visit to restore the filling can also help with pain management. 

Eat a soft diet and avoid chewing

A soft diet can help prevent irritating the affected area. It is also helpful to avoid foods and drinks that are very hot or cold. Drinking water throughout the day is ideal for keeping the mouth clean and avoiding irritation. 

Find responsible ways to manage the discomfort

There may be discomfort and sensitivity after a dental filling becomes loose. Minor discomfort can be managed through the use of a cold compress and over-the-counter pain relief medication. If the pain becomes severe, then emergency dental care may be necessary. 

Speak with a professional dentist about your loose dental filling

If your dental filling is loose or fallen out, then contact our dental team today. We can restore your dental filling to ensure that it protects your tooth. We can also provide insights into how you can manage the symptoms of your loose dental filling before your visit with our friendly dental team.

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