Tips for Choosing Between Fixed or Removable Implant Supported Dentures

Tips for Choosing Between Fixed or Removable Implant Supported Dentures

For a tooth-replacement option, implant supported dentures can be a viable choice. With this method, you will not have to rely on an adhesive to keep the dentures in place. There are other benefits that these dentures have that traditional dentures cannot match. Your dentist may suggest either a removable or fixed style of these dentures. Both have their drawbacks and advantages, so it is important to know which one makes the most sense for you.

Differences between implant supported dentures and their traditional counterparts

Dentures have been around for centuries. However, they have changed a lot over the years. Dentures consist of a gum-colored acrylic base and artificial teeth. The teeth are usually made of metal, covered in plastic.

The dentures rest on the gums, secured by an adhesive. The other type attaches firmly to four dental implants. This denture alternative is more durable. It also will not rub against the gums as traditional dentures do.

Keeping the dentures clean

Both removable and non-removable implant supported dentures are available. One of the key ways to choose between the two options is to consider their effects on oral hygiene. Fixed dentures are more difficult to keep clean, as food can become trapped underneath the base between the implants and gums. This can cause gum disease and other oral health concerns.

People who wear removable implant supported dentures can clean them more effectively. Taking out the dentures allows the patient to rinse them regularly and brush them daily. It is also good to rinse them overnight in a solution. This can promote good health and also keep the dentures in good condition.

Think about keeping track of the dentures

People who have a tendency to lose items may want to consider getting fixed implant supported dentures. This way, the individual will not have to worry about misplacing the dentures. With removable dentures, the person may be more prone to losing them after taking them out to eat. Also, there is a bigger risk of damaging removable dentures than fixed ones. This can occur when it is time to clean them, and the patient accidentally drops the appliance.

Consider the number of teeth to replace

Another nice aspect of having implant supported dentures is that they work for a single missing tooth or to replace all the person’s teeth. These dentures can restore a smile regardless of how many teeth the individual has lost. Most dentists at a cosmetic dentistry office will recommend a removable option when more teeth are missing. People who only need to replace one tooth or a few teeth should do a fixed denture.

Make the right choice and feel good about your decision

If you are ready to revive your smile and have the full function of your mouth again, talk to your dentist. You can discuss getting implant supported dentures and whether fixed or removable dentures make the most sense. You can move forward with the peace of mind that you can have a comfortable, durable solution. Stop feeling embarrassed about your mouth and choose one of these options today.

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