The Benefits of Getting Implant Supported Dentures on the Upper Teeth

The Benefits of Getting Implant Supported Dentures on the Upper Teeth

Implant supported dentures are a form of overdenture. Unlike conventional dentures that are supported by the gums, implant dentures shift less in the mouth and have improved functionality. You may be eligible for these dentures if your jawbone is healthy enough to support implants. The dentures can be used as a solution for the complete loss of the upper or lower teeth.
The benefits of getting implant supported dentures
For those who have lost their upper teeth, advantages of getting implant dentures to replace them include the following.
Better appearance
Implant supported dentures have the look and functionality that can match the natural teeth. In fabricating the implant dentures, the dentist will use aesthetically appealing and highly durable materials. The denture will fit perfectly inside the patient’s mouth and will be hard to distinguish from natural teeth.
More stable
Implant dentures are anchored to the dental implants embedded in the jaw. Therefore, they are less likely to shift like regular dentures. This makes these dentures more stable, more comfortable and less obvious. Patients will not have to worry about their denture slipping and falling out of their mouths while going about their day’s tasks. It also makes chewing easier.
Many regular dentures users often complain of their denture moving around while eating or having to re-learn to chew food, which can cause frustration. Dentures are held in place by denture adhesives, which could get messy and need to be reapplied to retain the hold. Unlike traditional dentures that have to be taken out at night and for cleaning, only the dentist will be able to remove an implant denture. This means they stay inside the mouth permanently unless cleaning, repair or examination is required.
Quicker solution
Instead of getting a full mouth of dental implants for extensive tooth loss, implant-supported dentures can be a faster and cost-effective solution. Dental implants typically need time to heal and multiple dental implants. Also, patients cannot get away with an inadequate jawbone; a bone graft procedure will usually be needed if there is not enough bone to support the implants. With implant dentures, only four implants are usually required to support the entire arch of teeth. The process is therefore faster and can be completed in two appointments.
Stop further bone loss
Another drawback of conventional dentures is that they will not stop bone loss caused by missing teeth, and the jawbone will gradually deteriorate and the shape will change gradually. Therefore, patients will probably need to readjust or replace their dentures eventually to get a proper fit. With implant dentures, the implants will provide stimulation to keep the bone intact and maintain facial form.
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While undergoing implant placement may not sound as easy as getting traditional dentures, the benefits outweigh any initial discomfort in the long run. If you want to learn more about the options available for restoring the upper teeth, including implant supported dentures, contact the dental office to schedule an appointment. The dentist will examine your oral cavity and suggest the most appropriate option for your case.
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