Replace Missing Teeth With a Fixed Dental Bridge

Replace Missing Teeth With a Fixed Dental Bridge

Wondering if you should choose a dental bridge so you can once again have a full mouth of teeth? A healthy mouth is one that has all of its teeth, as teeth are designed to last you your entire life. When you are just missing one of your teeth, your oral health will begin to decline. When you are missing multiple teeth, then the sooner you find a tooth replacement option that works for you, the better. Three of the more commonly chosen replacement options nowadays are dental bridges, dental implants and dentures.

About dental bridges

Wanting to learn more about how a dental bridge works? A bridge is used to fill the empty spaces in the mouth caused by one or more missing teeth. It is held securely in place by attaching to the adjacent teeth using dental crowns. All of the teeth are designed to work together, and when multiple teeth are missing, it starts to cause problems in the remaining teeth. The main problem is experiencing difficulty chewing. When food is not properly chewed it can also lead to one experiencing digestion problems. According to the American Dental Association, advantages of fixed bridges include that they look, feel and function like natural teeth and do not require removal for cleaning.

Dental bridges are a popular choice

Many dental patients who are missing multiple teeth are choosing dental bridges to take care of their missing teeth problem. A bridge can help anyone who is missing between one and four of their teeth, keeping in mind that the missing teeth must be in a consecutive row in order for a bridge to work. A bridge is a great choice for filling the empty spaces missing teeth leave in the mouth, as it once again allows for a full set of teeth and helps to prevent the many problems that come with having missing teeth.

Fixed vs. removable dental bridges

Removable bridges are not actually a bridge and instead are a partial denture. A true dental bridge is a fixed bridge and therefore becomes a permanent part of one’s mouth because it is non-removable. There are a few different types of fixed dental bridges available for patients nowadays, of which all are made for addressing certain missing teeth situations. For example, a traditional bridge requires teeth on both sides of the empty space, while a cantilever bridge only requires teeth located on one side of the empty space.

Are you missing multiple teeth?

Now that you understand the benefits of a dental bridge, is this tooth replacement option the right choice for you? It really is essential for you to take care of your missing teeth problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will not only continue to experience missing teeth problems like improperly chewed food, but you may also eventually lose more of your teeth. Since losing more of your teeth is the last thing you want to happen, contacting a dental professional today to get a fixed dental bridge is your next step.

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