Reasons to Choose Implant Supported Dentures Over Traditional Dentures

Reasons to Choose Implant Supported Dentures Over Traditional Dentures

If you are missing teeth, implant supported dentures are a good option. Of course, there are other choices that can restore your smile and the function of your mouth. Dental implants are effective but require a significant financial commitment. Dentures are also a treatment that dentists have prescribed for centuries. Today, more and more patients are combining the benefits of implants and dentures. You can learn more about the advantages of this method and whether it is right for you.
A description and understanding of implant supported dentures
This treatment can work well for people who are missing multiple teeth. Patients with no teeth can benefit, as well. They consist of four dental implants and a set of dentures. The implants include a titanium post that the dentist inserts deep into the jawbone and a smaller abutment that attaches to the post. The acrylic gum-colored base snaps into the implants. Artificial teeth made of metal covered in plastic are on top of the base.
These dentures have more biting force
Getting dentures allows a person with missing teeth to once again have the ability to chew and eat favorite foods. Even with traditional dentures, however, the patient must be cautious about eating certain items. Hard, chewy, and sticky foods can damage or pull out the artificial teeth. With implant supported dentures, individuals will have more bite force. This helps the person to have a healthier, more well-rounded diet.
These dentures are more durable
Dentures can last 10 years or longer. Implant supported dentures have an even longer life span. With the right attention and care, these can work effectively for 20 years or more. Some may even last a lifetime. The titanium material is strong and provides a secure foundation for the dentures. If the patient does detect any damage to the implants, an immediate visit to the dentist’s office is necessary.
These dentures are more comfortable
Traditional dentures rest on the gums. An adhesive gel holds the base in place. The dentures can rub against the gums, causing discomfort and irritation. Patients who choose implant supported dentures will not notice these same sensations. These dentures rest on the implants, so there is less of a chance that the patient will experience soreness and pain.
These dentures are more secure
Anyone who has ever worn dentures has experienced the frustration and embarrassment of the appliance slipping or falling out. This can happen while the individual is eating or even speaking or laughing. With implant supported dentures, this should not be a concern. The base is firmly secured to the implants and should not shift at any point.
The clear choice to replace teeth
Traditional dentures have long been a method that dentists and patients have preferred. Today, implant supported dentures are more available at cosmetic dentistry offices. Now is the right time to speak to your dentist about this option and whether you are a good candidate. These dentures will last longer and feel more comfortable in your mouth. Plus, you can feel good about your new smile and enjoy the ability to chew once more.
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