Invisalign Can Be as Effective as Traditional Braces for Basic Teeth Straightening Cases

Invisalign Can Be as Effective as Traditional Braces for Basic Teeth Straightening Cases

You have probably heard about Invisalign®, but do you know how the process works? This is a viable alternative to traditional approaches that were more prevalent in the past. If you have crooked teeth or other issues affecting your smile, you should talk to your general dentist. You do not have to continue feeling embarrassed about the way you look. Get the help you need so you can feel good about your appearance.

Reasons to choose orthodontic work

People decide to straighten their teeth for various reasons. Perhaps the most common is to improve a person’s self-esteem and self-image. Having crooked teeth and other alignment issues can be embarrassing. The individual may want to avoid being around others.

There are also health reasons to do Invisalign. It is difficult to properly brush and floss teeth when there are misalignment problems. This can cause decay and gum disease to develop. Crooked teeth can also put a strain on the jaw and cause pain and headaches.

An overview of Invisalign

These aligners are clear plastic appliances that closely resemble teeth-whitening trays. The dentist custom-makes them to fit snugly over the person’s teeth. To fabricate a pair, the dentist will make a 3D model of the person’s mouth. The device puts constant pressure on the teeth and forces them to move into the correct locations.

An invisible touch

One of the biggest reasons why people choose Invisalign is that the appliance does not stand out. Because the trays are clear, they are virtually invisible. People who are self-conscious enjoy this approach and that the device does not affect the smile. The mouthpieces are not difficult to put in or take out either.

Shorter treatment length but still effective

Another advantage of having Invisalign is that the patient will not have to wear the appliance as long as braces. Most people have braces for two or three years. With aligners, results can come as quickly as six months. The typical treatment period is 12 to 18 months. Still, patients should see the same results: straight teeth and improvements to their bite.

Comfortable and removable

Invisalign clear aligners do not need to stay in the mouth 24 hours a day to work well. The patient can and should remove them while eating and for cleaning. The aligners are also comfortable and are less likely than braces to irritate the mouth. Invisalign should not produce sores on the gums, lips, or tongue. Braces tend to do this.

A sensible way to straighten teeth and change your smile

Your smile is important to your self-image and how others see you. You should not have to feel embarrassed by the way your teeth look. If you have crooked teeth and similar problems, consider doing Invisalign treatment. Within 18 months or less, you can love your facial appearance once again. Make an appointment with your general dentist so you can get started.

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