Important Information to Know About a Dental Crown

Important Information to Know About a Dental Crown

Has your dentist told you that you need a dental crown? At first, you may be nervous or confused, especially if you have never had one. This oral treatment is useful in many situations, both cosmetically and for your health. The more you understand about this process, the more comfortable you can feel about undergoing the procedure.

An overview

A dental crown goes over a damaged tooth after an injury or decay has hindered its function. Also known as a cap, it helps to restore the appearance and form of the tooth. The dentist will cement the cap into the mouth, completely covering the tooth above the gumline. With a crown, the person can once again enjoy a full smile and have more success biting effectively. The crown will also protect the tooth from suffering further damage.

When a patient knows it may be time for a dental crown

Often, the dentist will suggest to the patient that a crown is necessary. This may occur during a routine checkup or when the patient comes in after complaining about a toothache or a cosmetic defect. The crown can prevent a weak tooth from cracking or breaking. A person may also know a crown is the right treatment when a broken tooth has become worn. If the tooth is too small to support a large filling for a cavity, this treatment may also be required.

From a cosmetic standpoint, a dental crown serves an important role. It can cover badly discolored teeth or oddly shaped teeth. When a patient chooses to get dental implants, the crown will go over the top to provide a natural look.

A multistep process

Getting a dental crown usually takes place over at least two appointments. The dentist will first evaluate the patient’s condition and take X-rays and impressions. The impressions go to a lab where a technician makes the natural-looking crown. At a subsequent appointment, once the crown is ready, the dentist numbs the patient and shaves the affected tooth. The dentist cements it into place and checks to make sure the bite is right and comfortable.

Just like the real thing

Patients enjoy the fact that crowns closely resemble the surrounding natural teeth. The dentist will ensure that the cap is a similar shape, size and color of other teeth in the person’s mouth. It will be durable and strong, enabling the patient to eat most foods normally. The dentist will follow up with the patient in the coming weeks after the appointments. The patient should get used to the crown within a few days.

An effective solution

Suffering a large cavity or breaking a tooth can be painful. There are also cosmetic consequences to these issues. You should not have to deal with these. A dentist near you can fit you with a dental crown to restore the function of your teeth. If you have concerns about this process, talk to your dentist. Schedule an appointment today so you can repair your damaged tooth.

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