Implant Supported Dentures – FAQs

Implant Supported Dentures – FAQs

Considering going through with implant supported dentures may seem daunting. The procedure is performed more and more every day, and yet little may be known about it. The face is the first thing people see upon meeting, and the smile takes center stage. Growing confidence may not be possible as long as teeth are less than ideal. Therefore, take a closer look at the procedure, which aims to help boost self-esteem with an improved smile.

Frequently asked questions about implant supported dentures

A search for what implanted dentures are returns many questions. According to, these implants are best utilized in patients who have enough bone density to support the bolts needed to stay in place. Otherwise, the implantation will fail and may become hazardous, causing infections reaching well below the gums and jaw. Continue reading for some of the most frequent queries about the procedure.

What are implantable dentures?

People with fragile teeth or diseases that ruin them may find that the only answer to fixing these problems is losing teeth. Over time, some progressive forms of dental and internal conditions, such as diabetes, may result in extensive tooth loss. Dentures are typically made for people who would benefit from having most, if not all, teeth pulled. Some of the top complaints about these fixtures involve how loose they may fit and the chafing that may occur. Implant-supported dentures, however, work because they are fixed to the gums through a series of implanted attachments that allow dentures to snap into place. These look more like teeth than those dentures that need to be removed nightly. 

How long do the implants last?

Implanted dentures are created for longevity. When looking at how long they last, two parts must be considered. The first piece of equipment includes the screws placed into the jawbone. If the bone is healthy and hearty enough for these screws, they will not fail. The second part is the attachment that contains the dentures themselves. In most cases, these prostheses do not fail so long as the proper care and maintenance of the teeth and the attachment are well maintained by those who have them. It appears from all sources considered that the typically implanted dentures last more than 20 years.

What are the risks associated with the procedure?

The most common complaint associated with implants involves infections soon after placement. This may be worse in people with overall health problems. Nerve damage may also result from the surgery required to put the screws into the jaw bone. Sinus issues may also crop up if the lower dentures are not appropriately placed and overlap into the cavity housing the sinuses. While most of these issues may be resolved with realignment or medication, some may warrant a removal of the implants.


Those seeking help with replacing failing teeth may feel empowered to ask about implant supported dentures. A consultation with a provider may yield a positive result for the patient. Boosting confidence and making false teeth more comfortable are just two reasons why this procedure has increased in popularity over the years since it began.

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