How to Prepare for Teeth Whitening

How to Prepare for Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening can help a patient regain better confidence in their smile. A fast and effective way to get whiter-looking teeth, dental offices can safely use a high concentration of whitening solution to quickly brighten a smile and reduce the impact of stains and discoloring.  

What to expect from a teeth whitening appointment

The first part of a teeth whitening appointment will be a consultation with the dentist to discuss the upcoming treatment. The patient will decide what shade of teeth they are hoping to have as the final result. The dentist may provide a chart to help give context to what different shades look like and advise the patient on how many appointments it will take to reach the desired goal.

During the consultation, the dentist may also examine the teeth to make sure everything is healthy and discuss the underlying causes of the discoloration. While it is natural for the teeth to become gradually less white as a person ages, some health or lifestyle issues may cause the discoloring to be more severe.

It almost always takes multiple appointments to reach the desired shade of white. To prepare, a patient should consider scheduling appointments in advance so that they are not missed or forgotten. Whitening treatment should not affect a patient's ability to function normally, and it is usually possible to return to work or do other tasks shortly after each appointment.

Addressing tooth sensitivity

While not something experienced by every patient, some may notice extra sensitivity in their teeth following professional whitening. This is more likely to be the case if the patient is someone who has teeth that are more prone to sensitivity in everyday life. If a patient has sensitive teeth, they can try using a desensitizing mouthwash or toothpaste before the appointment to help reduce the sensations felt in the teeth.

Caring for teeth after the appointment

For a few days after the treatment, teeth will be more prone to staining. This is only a temporary side effect, but after the teeth whitening appointment, the patient should avoid brightly colored foods and drinks, such as coffee and red wine. If sensitivity is a concern, avoiding foods that are very hot or cold can help prevent any pain or discomfort. The added sensitivity caused by the treatment should begin to fade within a few days.

The results of the treatment immediately after leaving the dentist's office will likely be very bright and apparent. Since teeth whitening causes the teeth to be dehydrated, some of the whiteness will fade slightly over the following days as they rehydrate. This does not mean that the process is not working, but it is the reason why multiple appointments are often needed to provide a patient with the lasting results they want.


Professional teeth whitening brightens a patient's teeth, allowing him or her to feel more comfortable with their appearance. By taking some time to prepare, patients can avoid common problems such as tooth sensitivity and staining following appointments.

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