How Soon Should You Get a Tooth Replacement?

How Soon Should You Get a Tooth Replacement?

People may be missing a tooth or have had a tooth removed for several reasons, so some people may not realize the necessity of a tooth replacement or the benefit of investing extra time and money in an artificial replacement. Losing a tooth can be a difficult experience, so most individuals prioritize having it replaced as soon as possible. The removed tooth’s position and the health and quality of its supporting bone determine how long you should wait before getting a tooth replacement. However, replacing a lost or removed tooth is critical for your oral health and the operation of your teeth and jaw.

The need for a tooth replacement

Every tooth in the mouth plays a vital role. The teeth chew food properly to aid digestion and maximum nutrition. Teeth also help with word pronunciation and make speaking simpler. One’s appearance might be affected by missing teeth, but this is hardly the worst thing that can happen if missing teeth are not replaced.

Malocclusion refers to issues with the alignment of the teeth or bite. One might develop a kind of malocclusion if tooth replacement is delayed. The teeth adjacent to the removed or the missing tooth will migrate toward each other in an attempt to fill the gap. This causes a partial gap between the teeth and crooked teeth, which are harder to clean. This alteration in the teeth’s alignment will harm the bite and chewing.

Furthermore, an unfilled tooth socket in the mouth can allow for an adjacent tooth to hyper erupt, which is when an adjacent tooth tries to fill the gap to make up for the lost tooth. Besides the danger of having a crowded or crooked mouth, there is also the risk of bone resorption or loss. Since there are no teeth to support that part of the mouth, the gums and jawbone begin to degenerate. The cheeks and lips will seem sunken, causing premature aging.

Tooth replacement options

To avoid such complications, it is recommended that the patient gets a replacement tooth as soon as they lose a tooth. The severity of the condition and the patient’s financial resources will determine the type of replacement and the number of teeth that can be replaced.

Dental implants are the most common options because they serve as artificial tooth roots to which crowns are attached. This alternative provides a more structurally complete tooth replacement for the patient. Implants also offer a natural look and retain much of the functionality of the original tooth.

A dental bridge, which covers the gap left by the lost tooth, is another option. Two or more dental crowns and a fake tooth make up these devices. The bridge is attached to the natural teeth or a dental implant on each side.

Partial dentures are an alternative to these treatments. They have a gum-colored plastic foundation with artificial teeth affixed, similar to a retainer. It attaches to the patient’s natural teeth and is simple to put in and take out.

In conclusion

If you have a missing tooth, ensure that you talk to the dentist for a tooth replacement option. Contact the dental office to book an appointment.

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