How Many Visits Will Dental Implants Tooth Replacement Take?

How Many Visits Will Dental Implants Tooth Replacement Take?

If you are thinking about getting dental implants, you should first understand the benefits and challenges of this procedure. It is also good to recognize that the process is lengthy and invasive. However, the results of getting an implant to replace a missing tooth can transform your smile. You can also once again enjoy the full function of your mouth. Knowing what to expect from getting implants will help you feel more comfortable and at ease.

Why people get dental implants

Tooth loss is not an uncommon occurrence among adolescents and adults. Teeth can fall out due to severe decay and infections that weaken the roots and other parts of the tooth. People can also lose teeth from injuries and accidents. A hard blow to the face or biting into an object can dislodge a tooth.

Having a missing tooth can be embarrassing for anyone. Some people with gaps in their mouth may avoid social settings. Such a condition can affect a person’s self-esteem and self-image. Tooth loss can change the structure and shape of the face, leading to more tooth loss. Without teeth, a person’s speech can change. It can also be difficult to eat a healthy and well-rounded diet.

The first visit: the consultation

Getting dental implants is not an undertaking people should take lightly. It is important to know as much as possible about what the implants will do and what happens during the process. During a dental consultation, the dentist will talk about whether the patient is a good candidate for an implant. The dentist will take X-rays and make impressions. There will be a discussion about how the implants will work and how the patient can take care of them.

The second visit: preparation and inserting the posts

If the dentist decides dental implants make the most sense, the patient will return a few weeks later. At this appointment, the dentist may extract any teeth that cannot be salvaged. The dentist will then numb the patient with a local anesthetic. Once the patient is comfortable, the dentist makes an incision in the gum and puts a titanium implant deep into the jaw. The dentist closes the wound, and the patient takes the next few months to heal. During this time, the bone and implant will fuse together.

The third visit: the abutment placement

Once the patient’s gums have healed and the implant is firmly in place, the individual comes back to the office. The dentist numbs the patient again and opens up the gum, exposing the tops of the dental implants. The dentist places abutments on the implants. More healing time takes place before the patient returns a few months later.

The fourth visit: getting the crown

The individual comes to the cosmetic dentistry office again for the fourth time. At this visit, the dentist places crowns on the implants. The crowns are natural-looking in size, shape, and color. The crown completes the implant process, allowing the person to chew normally. This also helps the patient to have a full, beautiful smile.

Worth the effort and time

The process of getting dental implants takes several months. There can be pain and discomfort during these procedures. However, you will enjoy the benefits that implants provide. Talk to your dentist today about starting your treatment.

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