How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

A root canal may not sound like the most pleasant experience you can go through. However, if you have significant decay or infection in a tooth, this procedure could make the most sense. Extreme pain and discomfort in your teeth are difficult to endure. Fortunately, your dentist or endodontist has the training and knowledge to perform this treatment. Usually, the entire process takes place over a series of two or three appointments, though each individual visit should not take long.

Endodontic treatment summary

This therapy addresses the infected or inflamed pulp. If the patient does not get help for this issue, further, more serious problems can result. In this process, the root canal professional will clean out the affected area and help eliminate severe pain. This procedure can also save the tooth and fend off other conditions.

The dentist’s steps

When the dentists perform a root canal, they help the patient feel comfortable and at ease. There is a lot of anxiety and nervousness with this treatment. To make sure there is no pain, the root canal professional will use a local anesthetic to numb the mouth. The dentist will drill into the tooth down to the pulp chamber. It is here where the professional will clean out the area and inject medication to kill any infections. The dentist will then seal up the tooth and may place a crown over it.

One, two or more visits

A dentist may discover infected nerves or roots during a routine checkup. The patient may also feel significant pain in between visits, prompting a call to the dentist’s office. The dentist will examine the patient’s mouth and will take X-rays. Sometimes, the root canal will take place immediately after the examination. However, many dentists prefer to make a subsequent appointment to perform the canal. The dentist may also do the sealing and crown during a follow-up visit.

Elapsed time

The examination appointment is quick and painless. This visit should only take about 15 minutes. The actual endodontic treatment appointment will require a longer time commitment, though it still should not take too long. The time will vary from patient to patient, but many dentists can complete the process in around an hour and a half.

Benefits of a root canal

Putting off this treatment is not a wise idea. Though people may have fears of this procedure, procrastination will only lead to increased pain and the likelihood of more infection and possible tooth loss. There are other advantages to following through with this appointment. Some of these include:

The procedure can last throughout life

The process involves little, if any, pain

It helps improve the patient’s smile

Not like you think

If you are like many other people, you may have negative thoughts about endodontic treatment. It may surprise you that the procedure comes with minimal discomfort. It can also be effective in helping people save teeth and have good oral health in the long run. Schedule an appointment with your dentist today so you can get rid of tooth pain.

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