How Implant Supported Dentures Can Improve Your Overall Health

How Implant Supported Dentures Can Improve Your Overall Health

The decision to get implant supported dentures is an important one. There are multiple options for replacing teeth and fixing smiles. These dentures can improve the way you look and your oral health. This can put your mind at ease if you feel embarrassed about your appearance and if you are concerned about how you feel. Combining the benefits of implants and dentures can help you for years to come.

What implant supported dentures do and look like

While traditional dentures rest directly on the gums, their counterpart uses dental implants. These other dentures also have a gum-colored acrylic base and artificial teeth. However, these do not need denture adhesive to stay in the mouth. The implants provide a secure base and a strong foundation.

The implants are made of titanium. They consist of a screw-like post that goes deep into the bone and a smaller abutment that attaches to the post. The denture base snaps into the implants. On the base are artificial teeth, usually made of metal and covered in a tooth-colored plastic.

The dentures prevent further tooth loss

Many people choose implant supported dentures when they have lost all their teeth. However, this treatment also works well for people who are missing only a few teeth. When there are missing teeth in the mouth, the remaining natural teeth can start to drift and shift. This can cause them to become loose and eventually fall out. Replacing a missing tooth with these dentures can keep this from happening.

The dentures protect the jawbone

One of the most serious consequences of tooth loss is the deterioration of the jawbone. The bone will start to shrink when there are no tooth roots. The effects can lead to a weakening of the face. Having implant supported dentures can maintain the facial shape and structure. This can preserve the person’s speech and reduce pain and discomfort.

The dentures can improve the person’s diet

Going to a cosmetic dentistry office to get implant supported dentures has an impact on the patient’s diet. Without teeth, the person may have to avoid eating certain foods. These could include meat, grains, fruits, and vegetables that are difficult to chew. Doing without these foods can cause nutrient deficiencies.

With implant supported dentures, the patient should be able to eat just about anything. Because of the durability and sturdiness of the implants, the patient should have a strong bite force. The implants are not likely to break, and the dentures are not prone to damage due to what the person is eating. The patient will not have to stay away from eating nutritious foods any longer.

A tooth-replacement option makes sense

It should be clear that implant supported dentures can do a lot for your smile. You will no longer have to hide it and avoid being around other people. But these dentures have positive effects on your health too. You can enjoy healthy teeth and bone, among other important benefits. Make the effort to start your treatment today. Call your dentist and schedule a time for a consultation.

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