How Do Clear Aligners Straighten Teeth?

How Do Clear Aligners Straighten Teeth?

You know that Clear aligners do a good job of giving you straight teeth, but you may not know how. Clear aligners are different than braces, but these can give you the same results. These also come with a few advantages. Continue reading to find out more about this kind of orthodontic treatment and how it will move your teeth around.

About aligner technology

This is an alternative to getting traditional braces. With thin plastic trays, the teeth can be slowly moved if the trays are worn consistently. There are no braces attached to the teeth. Instead, the aligners can be removed and swapped out every few weeks.

The aligners will be made based on models of the patient’s teeth. Each set will result in incremental movements of the patient’s teeth. The total number of aligners will vary, but it is usually around 10 to 50. It might take more for more severe cases. The amount of time that a patient wears the aligners for and the resistance of the teeth play a role.

How clear aligners work

The aligners will put gentle pressure on the patient’s teeth and move them at a time. This moves the entire tooth, including the root in the jaw. The jawbone will respond to force by moving the sockets of the teeth. That means that the teeth come along with the sockets.

The changes in each set of aligners are small, meaning the treatment can be comfortable. To move the sockets of the teeth, the aligners need to be worn at least 22 hours each day. The other two hours are for cleaning the teeth and eating.

Other parts of aligners

The patient might think that the aligners can just snap on and be good to go. But this is not the case. Most patients will still need to have attachments on the teeth. These are small bumps in the same shade as the teeth. These can apply pressure from the aligners to the teeth to better move them around.

Patients may also need to have elastic bands. This can help to shift the lower and the upper teeth or move the jaw. These will be attached to small buttons on the teeth or slots in the aligner. The teeth might not always fit in the aligners right away. However, wearing the aligners often enough will help the teeth move the right way to fit. Then the patient can go on to the next set.

Visit a general dentist today

Getting a consultation with a dentist can help you decide if you are a good candidate. Your jawbone should have stopped growing by the time you get them. You also need to be prepared to spend at least 22 hours each day not snacking or drinking. Remember that for very challenging cases, your dentist may recommend an alternative treatment for you. Making an appointment can help you decide on the right option and be on your way toward a beautiful smile.

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