How Dental Crowns Can Make Your Teeth Stronger

How Dental Crowns Can Make Your Teeth Stronger

Having dental crowns can restore the function of your teeth as well as improve your smile. If you have tooth pain, damaged teeth, or worn teeth, a crown could be the right treatment. These issues can make it difficult to chew effectively. A crown can stabilize and strengthen a tooth and prevent tooth loss altogether. Your dentist has the knowledge and training to successfully place a new crown over your tooth that can last for years to come.

Different types of dental crowns and their benefits

Dentists have used crowns for decades in cosmetic dentistry. For a time, gold and silver crowns were the only options that patients had. These are still available today, though most people prefer ceramic, composite, or porcelain crowns. These three materials provide a more natural-looking solution that will not get in the way of a beautiful smile. However, gold and silver could still be viable choices. These materials will last longer and do not require that the dentist removes as much of the natural tooth.

Strengthening the tooth

Teeth can become weak due to various factors. Physical damage from trauma such as a hard blow to the mouth can crack, chip, or break a tooth. Tooth decay can also weaken a tooth, making it unable to chew with the necessary force. Without a crown, such teeth could eventually deteriorate and require extraction.

Dental crowns reinforce the natural tooth, giving it the proper size, shape, and form. Crowns cap the entire tooth and are bonded firmly in place. With a crown, the individual can bite into most foods without worrying about further damaging the natural tooth. When a crown is in place, it will also stop the decaying process. The dentist would first remove the decay or infection from the natural tooth and then seal and cover it with a crown.

A new smile, improved abilities

When a tooth suffers damage or begins to decay, the individual will not be able to use that tooth without feeling pain. The person will then avoid biting with it. Dental crowns make it possible once again to use the tooth to its capacity. The cap will also revive the person’s smile and eliminate the embarrassment of having unattractive teeth.

What the dentist does

Before placing dental crowns in the mouth, the cosmetic dentist must first take X-rays and make impressions. A technician fabricates the crown, which will take a few weeks until it is ready. The dentist will reshape the tooth, shaving enough of it to ensure that the crown fits properly. At a subsequent appointment when the crown is finished, the dentist checks the fit for comfort and firmness and then cements it in place.

Making teeth strong again

Healthy teeth can endure much wear and tear. Teeth are naturally strong, but they can wear out and weaken. Thankfully, dental crowns can provide the stability you need to restore the function and capabilities of your teeth. If you have weak teeth, call your dentist today so you can start the process of getting a crown.

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