How a Dental Teeth Straightening Treatment Can Prevent Plaque Buildup

How a Dental Teeth Straightening Treatment Can Prevent Plaque Buildup

If you have been thinking about teeth straightening, it is likely because you are tired of the way your smile looks. Crooked teeth and other alignment conditions can make you feel self-conscious or even ashamed of your appearance. You may hide your face and avoid being around other people. But you should know that repairing crooked teeth can also benefit your health. Straighter teeth are less challenging to brush and floss. This keeps plaque from building up on your teeth.

Brushing and flossing: habits never to neglect

Good oral hygiene is vital for a person’s dental health and overall wellness. An individual should brush at least twice a day and floss daily. Doing both of these will reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease from developing. When brushing, make sure to use fluoride-based toothpaste and to brush the entire portion of every tooth. As for flossing, the person should do so gently but thoroughly, spending about two minutes on the activity.

The challenges that misaligned teeth present

Not only does teeth straightening help make teeth look nice, but these habits help teeth and gums stay healthy. When teeth are crooked or crowded, brushing and flossing become more difficult. A person may not be able to weave the floss in between misaligned teeth. Or, reaching the entire surface of some teeth may not be possible when the teeth are crowded or crooked. As a result, plaque can build up, and decay and disease can follow.

An understanding of plaque

Plaque is a sticky film that develops on teeth that a person fails to clean properly. It forms when food, saliva, and fluid remain on the teeth after a person eats. If the person does not brush or floss these away, plaque starts to appear. Eventually, it will harden and turn into tartar. This bacteria-filled substance will eat away at a tooth’s enamel and attack the teeth and gums.

The role that teeth straightening can play

When alignment problems are affecting a person’s ability to brush and floss, it may be time for an orthodontic treatment. Straightening the teeth or fixing crowding problems can alleviate these concerns. When brushing and flossing are less of a challenge, the buildup of plaque is much less likely to occur. Because these activities will be less difficult, the patient is more prone to investing time and effort into daily care.

Methods to straighten teeth

A person’s general dentist can recommend an effective way to do teeth straightening. Some of these treatments can take as few as six months, depending on how severe the crowding or misalignments are. A patient can choose an approach that is virtually invisible and does not stand out in the mouth. These include clear aligners, which are also removable.

Improve your smile and oral health

If your dentist has told you that plaque formation is becoming an issue in your mouth, it could be because you have crooked teeth. A crowded mouth could also be the culprit. Aside from hampering your smile, these problems can also make brushing and flossing well next to impossible. Let your dentist suggest a method of teeth straightening. This can help you avoid plaque and the conditions that result.

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