Four Professional Products for Sensitive Teeth

Four Professional Products for Sensitive Teeth

Many people find sensitive teeth to be a minor annoyance. Many more have to adjust their lifestyles because of severe tooth sensitivity. If this is you, then you have been forced to protect your sensitive teeth by changing the kinds of foods and drinks you consume. Often, this means avoiding sugary, hot, cold, salty or acidic foods and drinks.

You do not have to spend the rest of your days at the mercy of sensitive teeth. You can get treatment for tooth sensitivity. Here is a little information to guide you towards that end

What causes tooth sensitivity?

The inner tooth is protected by a hard outer shell, known as the enamel. It protects the tooth from pressure, heat and cold, as well as chemicals like sugar and acid. When the enamel wears thin, the barrier between the inner tooth and these irritants becomes less effective. Then the nerves contained in the inner tooth become exposed to heat, cold and pressure.

When a fracture or a cavity breaches the enamel, the inner tooth gets exposed to the chemicals in the foods one eats. This makes eating a tricky affair that often leads to sharp twinges of pain. The main causes of tooth sensitivity are:

Exposed roots from gum disease and gum recession

Eroded enamel from brushing too hard or decay

Naturally thin enamel

Fractures and small breaks of the tooth


Teeth grinding

Sensitivity from teeth whitening

Professional treatments for sensitive teeth

If tooth sensitivity is caused by injury or tooth decay, a dentist can restore the tooth to remove the root cause of the problem. As for other causes of sensitive teeth, the dentist will use professional products to strengthen the teeth. Products like:

1. Fluoride treatment

Dentists sometimes treat sensitive teeth with a fluoride varnish, which remineralize the problem teeth. In time, the enamel and the dentine become stronger and thicker. As a result, the inner part of the tooth enjoys a thicker barrier of protection between itself and stimuli like heat, pressure or cold.

The dentist might also opt to use fluoride gel and let it rest on the patient’s teeth for five minutes.

2. Dental sealant

A dental sealant also offers an extra layer of protection for the crown. It works pretty well for molars that are sensitive. It protects the tooth from painful stimuli and it also acts as an extra barrier to prevent bacterial attacks. The ridges and grooves of the molars are susceptible to enamel erosion and tooth decay. Sealants protect teeth from both, which prevents and reverses sensitive teeth.

Like fluoride treatment, dental sealants must be applied by a dentist. The good news is that the procedure is simple and painless.

3. Dental bonding

For one reason or another, the gumline can recede, exposing teeth roots. The problem is that the roots are never supposed to be visible. When they are, the person will experience sensitivity as they eat.

Dental bonding agents are applied to the exposed roots. When the bonding solidifies, it forms a hard cover that seals the surface of the root. This new barrier protects the root from things that would cause pain.

4. Prescription dental products

A dentist may also prescribe medicated toothpaste or an alcohol-free, fluoride-rich mouth rinse to help remineralize the teeth and reduce sensitivity.

Make your life easier by dealing with sensitive teeth

You do not have to swear off ice cream, orange juice or hot cocoa for the rest of your life. Instead, take charge of your mouth and have your tooth sensitivity treated. It only takes a few minutes, so there is no reason not to get in touch with us. Call us for an appointment and we will get your teeth feeling great in no time at all.

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