FAQs About a Dental Checkup

FAQs About a Dental Checkup

Some people genuinely fear getting a dental checkup. Yet, not only is seeing a dentist essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, but it is also a process that is not scary at all. Dental professionals recommend a checkup every six months. That way, you can prevent a simple problem from becoming a serious issue. Keep reading to find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about dental checkups.

Is a regularly scheduled dental checkup that important?

Seeing a dentist every six months is essential to good oral health. As an example, if someone does not brush and floss correctly, food particles become trapped between the teeth. Over time, that causes a buildup of plaque bacteria. If not removed, that turns into tartar, which can cause major problems to teeth and gums. During a dental checkup, a hygienist or dentist removes the plaque and helps educate the patient about better oral care.

Do dentists treat both adults and children?

Not all dentists treat both adults and children, so anyone with a child should choose a dentist who specializes in adolescent oral care. Since this type of dentist knows how to work with kids and oversees problems specific to their age, this makes a dental checkup less stressful. Now, many clinics offer both child and adult care. That means a patient could see the same dental professional for the entire family. Having to visit dentists at different locations is not only time-consuming but costly as well.

What should someone expect during a dental checkup?

A dental checkup begins with a hygienist or dentist going over a patient’s medical history. From there, a hygienist thoroughly cleans the patient’s teeth, takes X-rays, and makes notes of anything suspicious to pass on to the dentist. With that done, the dentist assesses the patient’s mouth, looking at both teeth and gums. Often, this includes an oral cancer screening, which is quick, easy, and painless.

Does a patient have problems fixed that same day or do they have to come back for another appointment?

That all depends on the type and severity of the problem identified. If during a dental checkup the dentist finds a cavity, a cracked tooth, or the patient needs a root canal, they would take care of it right away. If someone needs oral surgery or wants implants, the dentist may schedule a secondary appointment. Otherwise, if necessary, the dentist will refer them to a qualified oral surgeon. A dentist can take care of many problems during a standard dental checkup.


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