Dentures and Your Jawbone Structure

Dentures and Your Jawbone Structure

If you have dentures, you might be wondering how it will affect the structure of your jawbone. You might not know much about bone loss from dentures. Typically, this process means that the dentures will no longer fit you properly. Continue reading to find out more about how the structure of your jaw will change.

Tooth loss

Having teeth in the jawbone will help to encourage the jawbone to exist. When the teeth are embedded in the jaw, the jaw’s cells can be stimulated. This allows the bone to be remodeled again. That helps to maintain the width and the height of the jaw. However, when the teeth are lost, the jaw will not maintain the width and height. Over time, the jaw will become reabsorbed into the bloodstream.

Bone loss and dentures

Dentures, typically removable or partial ones, might reduce the bone in the jaw. These dentures are supported by the surface of the jaw to stay in place. That causes too much pressure on the bone’s surface. That can eventually lead to bone loss.

The effects of bone loss

Bone loss from the dentures will cause the jaw to be shorter. First, it can affect the fit of the denture. The denture may have fit the jaw snugly in the beginning, but it will no longer do that. It might be loose or move around. That can make it harder to speak and talk.

The good news is that a denture can last for as long as five years without losing the proper fit. After this time, the patient might have the denture relined. That means it will be contoured so it can fit the outline of the jaw better. There is a limit to how much relining can be done. Eventually, the bone loss will be extensive. That means that the denture will not be modifiable anymore, so a new denture will be needed.

At some point, there might be too much bone loss to support the dentures. Luckily, bone loss can be restored through bone grafting. Patients also have the option of going for implants to support the dentures. There are a few different kinds available, giving patients many options.

For instance, some patients might go for a few implants to support an entire arch in the mouth. Others might try to get more implants. Another option is to get partial dentures that are supported by implants. A dentist will help a patient decide if this is the right option.

Get dentures from a dentist today

Removable dentures are a quick fix for patients. However, you might want to consider different kinds of dentures. For instance, ones supported by implants might make it less likely that you will have bone loss. These dentures may last longer as well, eventually saving you money. Making an appointment with your dentist can help you decide if this is a good option for you.

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