Dental Implants for Younger Patients: How Young Is Too Young?

Dental Implants for Younger Patients: How Young Is Too Young?

The dental implant is one of the most popular methods of tooth replacement, however not everyone is a good candidate! For the most part, elderly people experience the biggest need to replace missing teeth, but sometimes younger people do, too. Unfortunately, dental implants may not be the best option for younger people.

Want to know more about dental implants and what the right age is for someone to receive them? They are not suitable for all ages, but understanding why may make more sense. In this article, find out how young is too young for dental implants. If you are considering them for yourself or your child, this information may be useful.

A dental implant for younger patients: How young is too young?

Wondering if you are too young for dental implants? Or maybe, you are considering them for your child. Either way, read on to find out some important information about age requirements for dental implants.

There is no set age

There is not really an age where someone is too young for a dental implant. Instead, it is based on the development of the body. Younger patients who are in the adolescent or teen years may be too young for dental implants, but not because due to age but actually because of the lack of jawbone structure. The jaw typically continues to develop until a person is in the early 20s, which means that a younger person may not have enough structure to support the implants.

Because dental implants rely heavily on the jawbone structure, it is absolutely necessary for there to be a fully developed jaw, otherwise the implants are at risk of failure. There are some rare instances where a teenager does have a fully developed jawbone, in which that patient may be suitable for dental implants; however, X-rays would be required to determine this.

Ultimately, if the younger person needs tooth replacement but does not have ample support in the jaw, it is best to wait for the jaw to fully develop or opt for another method of tooth replacement.

No children

Children under the age of 12 are absolutely not able to receive dental implants to replace missing teeth. Both children and teenagers are still developing, which means that the teeth, gums and jaw will still undergo changes as they grow up. Children below the age of 12 are also unlikely to have all of their permanent teeth, leaving the mouth with a lot of room to change and grow.

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A dental implant is a great method of tooth replacement for someone who has enough jawbone structure to support it. However, not everyone has that! It is always best to check with a dentist to can determine whether or not the patient is old enough.

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