Can You Fix a Broken Tooth With a Dental Crown?

Can You Fix a Broken Tooth With a Dental Crown?

A dental crown can fix a broken tooth. An accident, biting on a piece of hard food, or an intense hit to your face can cause this dental injury. You then experience pain and sensitivity, not to mention self-consciousness about the unsightly appearance of your broken tooth. It is a good thing that modern dentistry can repair a damaged tooth with a dental crown. If you want to understand how this is possible, here are the facts.

When dentists use a dental crown to mend a broken tooth

Once the patient arrives at the clinic, the dentist will inspect the damaged tooth. The examination will determine if a dental crown is suitable to restore it. If the dentist decides that a dental crown can restore the tooth, then the repair process can begin. The patient would have to stay longer than expected.

The dentist will begin by scraping off a thin layer of the broken tooth’s enamel. Then, the dentist will take the impression of the affected gums and teeth. The impression will serve as a pattern in creating a custom-fit, permanent crown. Cleaning the damaged tooth will happen next. Then, the dentist will place a transient crown over the tooth while the lab is still creating the permanent crown. A temporary crown is not as fitting or strong as the original tooth, but it will be of some protection.

While the patient nurses the broken tooth, the fabrication of the permanent crown goes on. It takes about two weeks to finish the crown. When the lab completes the crown, the patient needs to go back to the clinic. The dentist will take the temporary crown and place the permanent crown over the damaged tooth. Once the crown is on, the dentist will assess how the patient feels when biting with the permanent dental crown. The dentist will then make the necessary adjustments before bonding the dental crown to the damaged tooth with dental cement or adhesive.

The patient must come back two times to the dental clinic to finish the process of getting the permanent dental crown since an off-site dental lab will create it. It will take some waiting, as well. If there is some discomfort in wearing the temporary crown, the patient could call the dentist. Pain medications can help the broken tooth if it becomes overly sensitive.

Choosing a dental crown to repair a broken tooth

Fillings, veneers, and onlays cannot do much to repair a damaged tooth. These restoration options do not cover the entire tooth. A dental crown is ideal in restoring a broken tooth because it covers the entire tooth up to the base that is near the gumline. It can repair the entire broken tooth and protect it from future damage at the same time.

A broken tooth can survive trauma with the help of a dental crown

Accidents happen. A dental crown is the most effective restoration in shielding the broken tooth from infection and securing it in place. This type of restoration is in high demand because of its high level of durability. If your tooth breaks, see your dentist right away. There is nothing like having a broken tooth look like new with a dental crown.

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