Can My Denture Repair Be Done at My Family Dentist’s Office?

Can My Denture Repair Be Done at My Family Dentist’s Office?

The longer a person wears a denture, the more likely a visit to the dental office for denture repair will be necessary. Just like many other dental appliances, dentures also have to be repaired. The material used to make them can erode or fatigue. A denture fracture is also not uncommon. Read on to find out more about how your dentist can repair your denture.

Denture repair

Many times, dentures fracture or break due to poor fit. Impact fractures are also common. These happen when people drop them. Worn and thin dentures are also more likely to break. Fortunately, dentures are made from materials that make it possible to repair them.

How dentures are repaired

Denture repair may involve relining or revitalizing the denture. The bone and gums under the full or partial denture may change with time. They can continue to shrink until it may be necessary to reset the fit of the denture. Many people who wear dentures do not realize this until it is too late.

As long as a person catches it early enough, the dentist may be able to add back material that can help improve the fit. This is known as relining or basing the full or partial denture. It can be taken care of at the dentist’s office if a large change is not needed. If it requires a lot of work, the denture may have to be sent to a dental lab.

But either way, it is important to ensure that it is evaluated by the dental provider if it requires relining. Dentures and partials are usually made of acrylic resin. This material is popular for many reasons including the fact that it is repairable. More acrylic can be added to the denture, which can help reinforce it. It will also bond to the broken or fractured area.

Caring for dentures

People should be careful when handling dentures. Dentures can slip out of the hands very easily. This is why people should take extra precautions when handling them. When cleaning the denture, standing over a folded towel can help avoid damaging it if dropped. It should also be checked on a regular basis for wear and fatigue.

Dentures should be brushed every day to remove food as well as plaque. This will also help to prevent permanent stains. Using a soft-bristled brush that is made specifically for them is always encouraged. A hard-bristled brush should not be used because it may end up damaging them. All surfaces should be brushed gently. A person should be careful not to damage the bend attachments or plastic.


You should contact your dentist as soon as possible if your denture cracks, breaks or chips. Seeing your dentist is also recommended if one of the teeth becomes loose or if you suspect there might be a problem. In many cases, your dentist will be able to repair it or make the necessary adjustments on the same day. But if the repairs are complicated, it may have to be sent to the dental laboratory.

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