Ask a General Dentist: What Happens If You Skip Your Check-Up?

Ask a General Dentist: What Happens If You Skip Your Check-Up?

General dentists offer routine check-up visits for patients who are in otherwise good oral health. While it may not seem essential to go to your check-up visits, missing an appointment and failing to reschedule can impact the oral health of the patient in a negative manner.

Reasons to avoid skipping your check-up visit

Routine check-up visits are an essential component to good oral health in the long term, and most general dentists recommend a check-up visit every four to six months. The following are four reasons to keep your check-up appointment and to avoid canceling it without scheduling a new appointment in advance. 

Detect complications

One of the main purposes of a check-up visit with a general dentist is to check for complications. A common misconception that patients often have is that they can detect all oral health issues themselves, but there are many complications that require a professional oral examination and updated dental X-rays. The ability to detect issues early is important to ensure that they do not worsen or linger for long periods of time. 

Routine cleaning

Many general dentists recommend a routine cleaning as a part of the check-up visit. The routine cleaning is important for removing plaque and tartar that has a tendency to develop on teeth over enough time, regardless of how well the patient cares for their teeth at home. Without routine cleaning, teeth become more susceptible to cavities, and the patient has an increased chance of developing gum disease, which can eventually lead to gum erosion and even put teeth in jeopardy of becoming lost. 

Increased risk of issues

As mentioned, routine cleaning is incredibly helpful in preventing issues such as cavities and gum disease, but there is a range of other issues that can go undetected by the patient without regular check-ups by a general dentist. Perhaps the most concerning issue is oral cancer, and most general dentists routinely check for signs of oral cancer during a check-up visit. They can also provide insights on how to minimize the risk of oral health complications through good oral care and recommended dental treatments. 

Financial advantages

All too many patients avoid their check-up visits because they do not want to have to pay for the visit. However, the small cost associated with a routine check-up with a general dentist is incredibly small compared to how much it costs to make a major repair to teeth. Procedures such as a root canal for an infected tooth and dental implants for tooth replacement is expensive, whereas a simple routine check-up is low cost and non-invasive. 

Schedule a check-up with a general dentist

If it has been more than six months since your last check-up visit with a dentist, then get in touch with us today to schedule a time to come in for a routine visit. We make an effort to get our patients in and out as quickly as possible while ensuring that they receive quality care during their visit with us. 

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