A Smile Makeover Can Make Your Teeth Whiter

A Smile Makeover Can Make Your Teeth Whiter

If you want whiter, brighter teeth, a smile makeover is an effective way to achieve it. Over time, some people see gradual discoloration of the smile, while others may notice a sudden decrease in whiteness. Fortunately, new and traditional dental procedures are available to dramatically brighten teeth and transform a smile. In consultation with the patient, the clinician determines the type and cause of the coloration issue(s) and formulate a treatment plan that takes the unique situation into account. 

Common coloration issues and treatments

A smile makeover addresses the type and cause of discoloration to provide the most desirable result. The dentist takes a thorough dental and medical history and does a comprehensive examination to identify a patient's individual issues. These may include: 

Stains and spots

Age-related discoloration

Medication effects

Dark fillings

Food and drink discoloration

Then, the patient receives personalized recommendations. Once the decision is made, the dental professional develops a treatment plan and the patient commits to an appointment or series of appointments. The type of intervention recommended depends on the cause and type of discoloration. 

Professional whitening

Professional tooth whitening creates a radiant smile. Its results are long-lasting and safe. The dentist can address specific areas of staining and uneven coloration. In-office whitening is one option; it is quick and effective. A gel consisting of a hydrogen peroxide solution is applied to teeth and used in conjunction with a heating lamp. The dentist can also make custom trays for the patient to wear at home either after the in-office procedure or as a stand-alone intervention. 

Porcelain veneers

Applying porcelain or porcelain-like materials to the surface of teeth makes a striking difference in the whiteness of teeth. This choice is durable and suitable for people who want to modify shape as well as color. The dentist creates extremely thin, custom-made shells and applies them to the surface. Some types of veneers require reshaping of the original teeth, while others do not. 

Dental bonding

Similar to porcelain veneers, a dental bonding procedure affects the shape as well as the color of teeth. It is a strong option for people who want quick, noticeable results. The dental professional selects a color of resin that is appropriate for the patient. Then, the resin is applied and shaped to provide a pleasing result. Finally, an application of light cures and hardens the resin. 

Filling replacement

If a patient has metal fillings, the color can show through as the enamel thins. Sometimes, composite (tooth-colored) fillings accumulate staining, especially at the edges. Older white fillings can change color as the years go by. After whitening, composite fillings remain the same color. Depending on the location of the filling, a patient may wish to have the clinician replace it with a better color match. 


A smile makeover that focuses on whitening is an appropriate choice for many people. Whether the goal is whitening or whitening plus shaping, a thorough consultation with your dentist can help narrow down the options. 

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