A Comparison of Braces and Invisalign Cost and Treatment

A Comparison of Braces and Invisalign Cost and Treatment

Invisalign® cost does not have to scare you as you start orthodontic therapy. Of course, this is a vital part of your treatment and something you will have to think about. You can have peace of mind to know that there are factors that can make this affordable. If you compare Invisalign with braces, you may end up paying less by wearing these clear aligners. The results can be good for your pocketbook and your smile.

Why people choose Invisalign

There was a time when traditional metal braces were the only way to repair crooked teeth and similar issues. Now, more and more patients choose Invisalign to make their smiles more attractive. These clear plastic mouth inserts fit over the teeth and put constant pressure on them, causing the teeth to move into the correct locations. In many ways, this method has advantages over wearing braces.

Clear aligners do not stand out in the mouth like braces can. The aligners are virtually invisible and are nearly impossible for another person to detect that the patient has them. Invisalign aligners are also removable, which is convenient during mealtime and while participating in high-contact activities. The aligners can also be more comfortable to wear than braces.

Insurance considerations

It is no secret that doing orthodontic treatment requires a financial commitment. It is good to know that more and more dental insurance plans cover clear aligners. This coverage can help with the Invisalign cost and the patient’s obligations. Most plans will pay for a certain amount of the treatment cost per year. The figure will vary depending on the insurance. Patients should understand their coverage before beginning treatment.

Treatment time

Another factor with Invisalign cost is how long the person will wear the aligners. Some people may pay more for Invisalign than braces, but this is not often the case. A typical reason is that the treatment length for braces, on average, is longer than it is with Invisalign. Some patients may start to see straighter teeth in a few months with Invisalign. A patient may end up wearing braces for three years, but Invisalign treatment is ordinarily 12 to 18 months. This time will impact the total cost for the patient.

Issues that the therapies will address

The general dentist will advise patients and families which treatment makes the most sense. The more complicated the condition is, the more it will cost to fix it and restore the person’s smile. Because aligners do not treat the most severe cases, Invisalign cost can often be lower than having braces. Invisalign can treat moderately crooked teeth, gaps in the mouth, and bite problems. Braces may effectively address more problematic issues, including missing teeth.

Be aware of Invisalign cost, know the factors

If you are tired of your unattractive smile, there are treatments you can look at to improve it. Invisalign is a common way to straighten teeth and revive your mouth’s appearance. If you are worried about how much you will pay for aligners, talk to your dentist. There are different issues that will affect your out-of-pocket costs.

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