5 Things You Should Know About Adult Braces: The Pros and Cons

5 Things You Should Know About Adult Braces: The Pros and Cons

Are you considering braces in order to have your teeth straightened as an adult? Typically, braces are associated with teenagers or younger children, but it is not actually that uncommon for an adult to get this orthodontic treatment. If you are interested in having straighter teeth despite your age, read on for some pros and cons that you should be aware of before making this decision.

Five things you should know about adult braces

Many adults consider braces for cosmetic reasons. Some might have lost out on the opportunity of braces when they were a child or teenager but still want a chance at an improved smile. For others, braces worn as a child did not permanently fix the orthodontic problems. For some, braces may be needed for medical purposes. Teeth with alignment issues that are not normal can cause other dental problems. Find out five facts about adult braces.

Pro: teeth will look and feel better

A major benefit for people of any age when it comes to getting new braces is that orthodontics can make teeth look better in the long term. Braces can also help the teeth feel better too. If the teeth are not touching properly, a person could experience pain or discomfort. If any type of discomfort is bothersome, whether from an aesthetic viewpoint or from alignment issues, then braces could be a definite pro.

Con: treatment takes longer for adults

One downside to adult braces is that it will require a longer treatment time than it would if the person were still a child. Adult bones have stopped growing and are no longer that pliable. Thus, the bones cannot be moved or molded in as efficient of a manner. For many adults, it could take an extra two years for braces to complete the needed work.

Pro: reduces the risk of other dental problems

Another benefit to receiving braces is that it can reduce the chance of running into other serious dental issues. Misaligned teeth can cause swallowing or chewing issues as time passes. It can also cause facial pain and can be harder to keep cleaning, making plaque and bacterial buildup more likely.

Con: could reveal other dental issues

Braces can prevent future problems, but it can also lead to the discovery of existing dental issues. If an orthodontist suspects any previous bone loss, getting braces may increase this problem. For some people, the jawbone could be too rigid or misaligned to fix without more complex methods such as surgery.

Pro: adults make better patients

When it comes to orthodontic work, adults are easier to work with. Most already understand the benefits of oral hygiene and will make sure their braces stay clean and well-maintained. Additionally, many adults will research braces and learn how to make the treatment more successful. Some are more patient than children or young teenagers and will not despair over the amount of time it takes to straighten teeth.

Are adult braces the right option?

There are pros and cons to getting braces once you are an adult. If you are ready to face the longer treatment time and the possibility of extra dental problems coming to light, then why not give braces a shot? You are never too old to get the smile that you have always wanted. Reach out to a dentist to find out if these are a feasible solution for straightening your teeth.

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