How to Keep Clear Braces From Turning Yellow

How to Keep Clear Braces From Turning Yellow

Clear braces give you the effectiveness of traditional braces without metal brackets and wires. Instead, these oral appliances consist of tooth-colored ceramic braces and transparent wires. Tightening these wires causes the brackets to push on the wearer’s teeth, slowly moving them to a better alignment over time. The tighter that the wires are, the more force that is applied to the wearer’s teeth.

Preventing clear braces from turning yellow

Ceramic is highly resistant to stains, so it is unlikely that the brackets of a patient’s appliance will become stained or discolored during treatment. However, the elastic bands that are used to attach the transparent archwire to the brackets can become stained.

Fortunately, these elastic bands are typically replaced every time that the wearer visits their dentist. Simple things that patients can do to prevent the ligature ties from becoming stained in between visits include the following.

1. Improved oral hygiene

Keeping clean the elastic bands that come with clear braces will require patients to step up their dental hygiene. Ideally, they should brush their teeth or at least rinse their mouth after consuming anything besides water. This helps remove tannins (coloring agents in foods) and other debris that can end up causing stains and discoloration. The idea is to minimize how long materials that can stain teeth are left on them. Flossing daily can be just as helpful, and mouthwash can be used to clean the tight spaces that flossing and brushing cannot reach.

2. Avoid tannin-rich foods and beverages

Foods and beverages like coffee, pasta sauce, and wine are notorious for staining teeth, and they have the same effect on the elastic bands that come with braces. Minimizing how often a patient consumes such foods goes a long way when it comes to keeping clear bracessstain-free.

3. Avoid smoking

Tobacco smoke stains almost anything it comes in contact with, like teeth and elastic bands. It does not take long for stains from smoking to start building up on clear braces. Over time, the smoke leaves the patient’s teeth and braces discolored, making their oral appliance more visible in their mouth.

4. Visit a dentist regularly

People who wear clear braces should visit their dentist once every one to two months to have their elastic bands replaced with a new set. These bands are essential to braces properly improving the alignment of teeth, so it is important to replace them often. This will also give the patient an opportunity to replace stained bands with new ones.

The point of wearing ceramic braces is to get treatment without ruining the appearance of your teeth. Having stained bands defeats that purpose.

Get straighter teeth

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