Are My Dentures Repairable?

Are My Dentures Repairable?

You have a denture issue and wonder if your dentures are repairable. A general dentist can repair a variety of issues with your dentures. Find out when your dentures can be repaired and when you need to replace them. Then go to the dentist to get your dentures repaired or replaced. Once your dentures are in working order, your prosthetic teeth will be functional again.

Should the denture be repaired or replaced?

Patients should not attempt to repair dentures on their own. Proper tools and knowledge are needed to repair the dentures. Patients first need to learn if the dentures can be repaired. Then it is critical to have a general dentist complete the work. Most repairs can take place during the initial appointment.

Chips and cracks

People often chip and crack dentures when eating hard foods. Chips and cracks also occur after long-term wear. Dentists can typically repair chipped and cracked dentures. Dentists remove the chipped or cracked tooth and replace it with a new one.

Broken tooth

People can also break off a tooth when wearing dentures. Much like losing a natural tooth, people are encouraged to find the missing tooth and bring it to the dentist. The dentist can put the tooth back in place. If the missing tooth is not recovered, the denture must be sent to a dental lab. A lab technician will fabricate a new tooth for the denture repair.

Ill-fitting dentures

Dentures do not stimulate bone growth, so the mouth changes shape over time. It is common for dentures to become too tight or too loose after people wear them for a long time. However, dentists can repair this problem. This repair usually requires some minor adjustments that can be completed in the office. Dentists make the adjustments, check the fit and send the patients home with properly fitting dentures.

Shattered dentures

Shattered dentures or those with severe fractures need a replacement instead of repairs. While a repair might be possible, it will not provide the fit that people need with dentures. Dentists will send a mold to the dental laboratory to have the dentures fabricated. Then the patient will get new dentures.

Dentures seven years or older

Dentists often recommend that patients get their dentures replaced after seven years. People experience significant changes to the bones in that time span, making it difficult to adjust the dentures to accommodate the facial structure. Dentures also wear down, impeding the chewing process. In addition, dentures become discolored over time.

Do you need denture repair?

If your dentures have cracks or chips, a denture repair might be in order. Your dentist can also repair your dentures if you have a broken tooth or if the dentures do not fit properly. However, if your dentures are shattered or seven years or older, consider replacing them. It is wise to get new dentures every seven years to ensure a proper fit and chewing surface.

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